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12 08 2010

I opened up my Kimi ni Todoke Pinky Street figures.

This set is a regular release set, but interestingly enough, it comes with two complete bodies, meaning there are two sets of hairs, heads/faces, top shirts, and bottom legs (+ skirts). Usually a Pinky Street figure in a regular release comes with one complete body, plus an additional outfit (sans the extra head and hair). So this set actually offers two complete Sawako’s, which is a pretty good deal for a Pinky Street figure, even though the hair is exactly the same style. This set also comes with two stands.

Kimi ni Todoke Pinky Street

Erm, I guess heels make a big difference?

Everything in this picture is what is included in the set. I didn’t notice until I set the Pinkys on their stands that Sawako’s school uniform outfit is significantly shorter than her regular dress outfit. Standing them side by side makes them almost look like two different people.

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Doll Stand Kit Completed…Success!

28 07 2010

I put together the Obitsu doll stand late Monday night; it didn’t take too long to snap the pieces out, remove flash from each piece and assemble it all together. Took me about 45 mins altogether. I didn’t have a tiny Philips screwdriver for installing the nuts and screws, but I did however have a just barely small enough slotted screwdriver that did the job. All in all it was a fairly straightforward and easy kit to build.

I tested out the stand and …

Mio Akiyama PureNeemo Doll

Tadahh! Mio now stands!

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Phat Lewt #001

26 07 2010

Part of my haul for June… which I received sometime in mid July as many of these items were released in late June:

Phat Lewt #001 - June

Most of this came in from a single shipment from Hobby Search, with the exception of a shipment from a friend in Japan.

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