Oldschool Gaming + My Massive Haul for February…

1 03 2011

So I just wanna apologize for the lack of an update last week…and the week before that. I was just super busy all of last week at work, and all I wanted to do when I got home was veg out to some good ol’ anime with some video gaming on the side. Which is what I mostly did. So… Sorry!

Lately I’ve been old-schooling it up a notch with Final Fantasy 9 for the PSX (or One for those of you who stumbled onto the PS scene late…). Very fun stuff. I haven’t played an old-school RPG in quite some time, so this was actually refreshing – in a nostalgic kind of way.  In fact I feel a bit strange referring to FF9 as being oldschool, but … it’s been a decade and considering our current video gaming technology, by that definition would be considered “old” by most. “Old” as it is, I’d forgotten how quirky and fun FF9 can be, and I really enjoy the distinguished artwork – though funny enough, my friend Adam from work seems to HATE it, and claims that apparently lots of people didn’t really like FF9.

Well. I still really like it, ESPECIALLY because the graphic style stands out, hinting at a charm derived from earlier FF incarnations. I also noticed that there’s this “being true to yourself” theme going on in the game, which I never noticed before, but I’m much more acutely aware of it this time around. I work at a steady and easy, full-time job that I like, but unfortunately have no passion whatsoever for and most likely never will develop any. I’ve been doing some soul-searching around the intrawebs, lurking here and there for information on freelancing, pursuing your true self, and whatnot, and it’s something I believe I may eventually devote my entire time getting into – just not right now for several personal reasons. Though I shouldn’t let these ‘reasons’ hold me back forever – but anyways, enough about that tangent…

As far as my FF9 goodies go aside from the game itself include these cute little plushies and an artbook, which is kind of…Meh. The artbook I believe is a North American edition. I remember getting the Garnet/Dagger from my first anime convention that I ever attended back in 2000; do you guys remember Aka-Kon?! Well intentioned…but I heard it fizzled out after its 2nd year because of some financial issue (more like someone running off with the money and onto some vacation).  Then I got Zidane a few years later at Anime Evolution, though I don’t recall when exactly; all those years of attending AE have kind of blurred one into another. Which just leaves Vivi – anyone have a Vivi plushie they would like to sell to me??

Final Fantasy 9 Plushies - Dagger and Zidane

Hmmm this picture is missing something...

Going back to FF9, I’ve finally gotten into the 3rd disc, though I’ve gotten obsessive over the Hot and Cold Chocobo game. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve gotten Choco to an insane level (something like 66 now) that I can consistently score time bonuses without much problem. I am determined to get that 10,000 pt Robe of Lords (cue crazed look in eyes…)!  Eventually I’ll get back to the main story. I hope.

I am DETERMINED to finish this game. So many games left unfinished…

Current gaming aside, I’ve got a backlog of phat lewt to get to:

Phat Lewt of Anime Goodies

Goodies Galores!

A whole pile of goodies I got this past month.

Pile of Anime DVDs

My DVD buys and gets for the last month...

Surprisingly, I bought quite a few DVDs. I’ve been going out to this…warehouse I guess you could say, that carries TONS of anime DVDs and manga. Their prices are usually fair, sometimes slightly less than retail. I usually visit this place when my friend from work asks if I want to come along. I always without fail buy something there – I cannot seem to leave without picking up something! You can tell I visited the place a few times this last month…aside from these visits, I don’t usually buy anime DVDs. Though I have noticed that DVD prices are considerably cheaper than what they used to be like a decade ago, I guess what with the rise of Blurays. Oh, and I did NOT buy the Queens Blade one, I got that one for free from my friend at work – yes, lets go with that explanation shall we? But in all seriousness, I’ve watched through about half this series, and all fan-servicing aside, it is actually a pretty decent storyline. I also watched Summer Wars, though I saw that in a theatre – very awesome movie. I don’t wanna say anything more lest I spoil something, other than that I highly recommend getting this DVD / Bluray if you’re looking for some new anime movie to watch.

Hyperdimension Neptunia

Hyperdimension Neptunia

I blame my friend from work for this again. I didn’t intend on buying this game, but then he went and bought it, and then he HAD to come and show it to me in person. Damnit. The artbook was just too nice looking to pass up on, so I caved.

Hyperdimension Neptunia limited artbook samples

Some sneaky peekys at the artbook

Hyperdimension Neptunia limited artbook samples

More sneaky peekys at the artbook

See?! Cannot resist lure of cutesy girls…

Pile of new games

My new games for the month

A few games to add to the ol’ backlog. Actually I only bought Time Hollow. I got Star Ocean from friend from work (yes, he’s a really nice guy for letting me have all these things, heh) because apparently he had two copies, and this one is missing an English manual…doesn’t bother me too much and can’t complain about a free game anyways! Persona 3 I got as an early birthday present from my fiance… Thanks lovies! ❤ It also came with a mysterious baseball cap – looks discreet enough to wear out, though I’m not a hat person.

Hatsune Miku Orchestra ver. Nendoroid

My latest Miku addition to my Vocaloid family

Slowly building a Miku Army of figures…

Neko mimi black hair Shana - Shakugan no Shana Nendoroid

At long last - Neko mimi Shana!

Yaaaay! I finally located a Neko-mimi Shana nendo on Mandarake. I prefer to buy things from here rather than on Yahoo! Japan Auctions as you do not have to deal with a middleman deputy service to purchase things. Though I have heard that they no longer offer SAL shipping anymore, which is sadness. 😦

K-On! Ui Hirasawa Nendoroid

The OTHER Hirasawa...

Ah, the typical younger sister taking care of the older sister character.

Shining Wind Seena Kotobukiya version

Seena by Kotobukiya

Picked her up from another collector via Tsuki-board.net.

Shining Wind Seena Kotobukiya version - crushed box

Though I was rather dismayed to find that the box was crushed in shipping due to poor choice of packing box – the person used a flimsy cardboard material rather than using a real shipping box. Oh well…she looked like she really did try to pack it nicely, after I requested it. This is why I save some of my packing boxes from places I order anime goodies from, so that I can ensure that the stuff I ship out makes it there as intended.

Senjyou Gahara anime figure - by Good Smile Company


This one took a LONG time to get! I remembered seeing her when she first went up for preorder, and boy was she ever delayed a few times! I’m just really happy to finally get her – now to figure out where to set her up, hmmm…

Black Rock Shooter Plushie

*BAKOOM* You're dead.

Wow, this Black Rock Shooter plushie is turning out to be WAY more detailed than I thought. And fun. Potential goodie review coming up?!

Mystery Anime Figure

Secret Figure!

I also just recently got something else in the mail. Can you guess what it is? I plan to review this one sometime in the future, so keep an eye out if you want to find out…




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