Back! (From My Uber Lazy Induced “Sabbatical”)

3 10 2010

Or whatever that means.

Last you heard from me, I mentioned I was off to PAX… and it was a blast! But I was too lazy to update about it here…

Gomen! I want to be able to say I’ve been busy, but that would be a lie. Aside from being super busy at work when I got back from the convention, I didn’t really have any reason for not being able to blog about it, I was just plain and simple being lazy about it. Then it started getting to the point where I had put it off so long, that I was worried about having left the update for so long which ended up with me continuing to procrastinate over it. A vicious cycle that just kept getting worse and worse, I know. I’m very good at pushing that voice that tells me to do things into the back of my head, until it gets to the point where I can no longer ignore it.

I guess also I want to be able to post about my experience, and do it justice somehow?

So! About PAX…

I’m not going to go into great detail about each day, since… well that was a month ago, so I can’t quite recall it anymore, plus I was pretty lazy about taking any pictures. We did haul back lotsa free swag, including t-shirts, posters, buttons, coupons, cards, etc… and some other swag I bought including Volume 2 & 3 of APPLE, VENT 001, a PAX10 shirt, the 11.5 year Anniversary Penny-Arcade book, the 6th PA book, and Atelier Iris for PS2. We also met this guy who just randomly joined our late night session of board gaming, who turned out to be from Vancouver as well, and he had a wife who was also into gaming. Which was really awesome because we don’t really have any gamer friends (at least ones who are more serious about gaming, outside of casual games), and them being a gamer couple was a bonus! We exchanged contacts, and have since met up once for a board gaming session, and it was really fun…looking forward to future gaming sessions!

What else… Oh yeah! While we hung out mostly in the exhibitors hall for most of the time there, we did manage to get into some panels. The best panel (at least IMO) that we were able to attend was the “Create a Strip” panel, where you got to watch the PA guys go at it and make an actual strip. It was really awe-inspiring to watch Mike draw and put the strip together all within the length of the panel which was only scheduled to be an hour long. Not to say that Jerry didn’t do any work, though for most of the panel of course he was entertaining, while Mike worked his magic. He even finished well before the panel was up, and had plenty of time afterward to doodle a really neat looking collage of all the PA characters they’ve created since it’s founding.

Well I was hoping to make this a more substantial posting, but it looks like it’s time for bed… So I will try – scratch that, I WILL post tomorrow more details on PAX with what few pictures I did manage to snap at the event.




One response

5 10 2010

PHOTOS OF SWAG. Where are they?!!!!

I actually didn’t know that you got Atelier Iris from PAX. Sounds like you had a lot of fun.

Apple is pretty good. I like the art. Some of the comics are a little lame and pointless though. I’d rather just have more art. I think though it’s basically trying to copy Robot, though the comics in Robot seem to be much more coherent.

Cool that you met a gamer couple. I wish I was a gamer couple. 😐

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