Annual Gamer Trek…We’re Off To Attend PAX!

2 09 2010
PAX Logo

Off to our yearly gamer trek to Seattle!

It’s that time of the year again! So we’ll (my hubby and I) will be taking off sometime tomorrow afternoon to Seattle to attend the Penny Arcade eXpo! Unfortunately I will be trying to juggle some work I brought home with me to make up for the time I’m taking off…though I imagine I won’t spend much time on work during the convention. I’m aiming to tackle some of it tomorrow morning, and most likely try to finish most of it on Monday, but we’ll see…

Funny kind of back story…

So when I first met my hubby I invited him to go but, he didn’t want to go, mostly because he thought it was some sorta nerdosh sci-fi convention… but then later (like months later almost like weeks before the convention date) I explained to him it was a gamer convention that was founded by the very guys who created the Penny Arcade web comic… “OOooooooohhh… so that’s what it’s about…” Before he met me, he had never even heard of Penny Arcade (I know what you’re thinking, I was totally like, OMGWTFBBQ?!). Despite that it seemed like he lived under a rock what with his lack of knowledge surrounding PA guys, with the hubby being a total gamer himself, it was a shoo-in from that point on to convince him to attend last-minute. That was his very first convention (at that kind of size at least), and he was hooked from that experience onwards.  It was also actually my first time attending PAX as well, which was back in 2008. I had always wanted to go in earlier years but never could because Anime Evolution tended to coincide with PAX’s dates.

Fortunately for us at the time, they still had badges available for sale…whereas this year they’ve completely sold out, well before the convention has started. When we attended in 2008, we only were able to get in on Sunday, so we really regretted not having been there for the full 3 days. Last year in 2009, when we spent the entire 3 days there, we had a blast! Tons of free phat lewt, games galore, fun goodies, and late night tabletop gaming sessions. Hubby was on a gaming high for weeks after that, heh.

It’s kinda funny, now hubby is WAY super psyched, more so than I am about this convention every year since his first visit. He is also now obsessed with Penny Arcade and is more on top of their web comics than I am.

It’s really interesting how people can influence each other in ways that we could never have imagined before…

Anyways! Will be back this Sunday night, and hopefully I can get a post up covering what we experienced! Mata ato de…*waves*




2 responses

5 09 2010

Waiting… 😛

6 09 2010

Well you’re gonna hafta wait some more, cause I’m BEAT.

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