Work Desk Eyecandy Part 1

30 08 2010
Computer desk

Insanekitten's work desk... at home.

Ahhh noooes I are getting lazies! Gomen. Speaking of lazy, I need to clean my desk… hmmm. I have tons of space between the monitor and keyboard, so I tend to plunk down random figures there. I kinda like it like that but looking at this photo makes me think it’s a tad messy. Ah well…

So here we go with a couple part posts! My very first one!

I’ve recently acquired a few K-On! figmas, including an extra Mugi-chan which I somehow completely botched up on ordering another one of. Doh! What was worse, was that I already HAD Mugi-chan figma sitting on one of my shelves, but stupidly enough I had put her away in a closeted shelf, so of course assumed I didn’t have her. I also track all my purchases in a spreadsheet but I somehow missed seeing the row with the information for Mugi-chan figma. So I went out and ordered another one thinking I forgot to order one before. Oh well. Maybe I can go the way of Radiant and revamp my whole blog, and put a ton of effort into advertising it, and offer a giveaway with the extra Mugi??… *”borrowed” idea for future…*


I’m thinking I might take these guys down to my workplace, since they are a bit more sturdier than Nendoroids, and I’m a bit concerned about some of my Nendoroids falling down at work – Particularily Ritsu, she has a habit of falling down on account of her heavy head and itty-bitty-zero-support drum seat she insists on sitting on. Maybe that’s why she’s got a big fat bruise on her head…

I love having Nendoroids at work, but because they can be kind of unsteady on account of their super cute fat heads, they tend to take a bit of a scuffing from all the falls they take.

I also have Asuka Gothic Loli figure here, but I’m thinking I may take her home as well… I will probably go more with durable action figures to display here since I’m a bit concerned about people (or ‘mundanes’) picking up or touching the figures, and just plain not handling them right. I bought this one from Radiant, and I am very pleased with the acquisition as she was one of the first figures  I ever wanted before I seriously got into figure collecting. She’s not like anything fantastic, and she does come from an older era of figure production…  I guess it was sort of like a long time fantasy that I was able to finally fulfill?…She does complement the new Rei Gothic Loli version really well.

Do any of you guys display your collection at work?

I do it mostly for myself, because I like having something nice to look at when I want to distract myself or take a break from work. Action figures will also be great since I will be able to pose them from time to time, giving me something different to look at (aside from switching up angles or sides) without the hassle of transporting figures to and from work/home.

The sorts of reactions I’ve gotten about my figures at work have been mixed, ranging from positive to negative. A few people have shown a liking to them, even though they had no idea what they were about – I thought that was great, that these figures could still invoke some sort of positive response, without the person even understanding the context/purpose of the figure, or even the premise of anime figures in general. Their “likeableness” transcended those factors.

Then I had one guy say that they were stupid and that it was pointless spending money on them when you could be getting a real girl (most of my figures are of girls), though he did think they looked sexy (at least the Asuka figure, he called the Nendoroids toys); he just failed to understand why anyone would want to spend money on something like an anime figure. Another guy thought they were pointless to buy simply because he had only an interest in the shows themselves, watching the series and enjoying the story. This reason I was more forgiving towards, since he has a very impressive anime DVD collection, so there was a kind of kinship there when it came down to a passion towards collecting. He just had a different passion and that’s cool. In fact its really cool by me because I get to borrow practically any anime I can think of from him, and apparently I’m one of the very few people in the company he’s confided about his anime collection to ’cause apparently he thinks people will look down upon him if they knew. Ah it’s sad when people still feel like they have to hide their interests outta shame. Though I suppose that is very much inline with being a “true otaku”?…

I suppose if I wasn’t collecting figures, I could very well have amassed anime DVD’s instead. He did however suggest giving up buying figures and just content myself in looking at pictures, which I just couldn’t relate to. I might’ve been able to do that BEFORE I got into buying figures, but I just can’t do that now. You figure collectors know what I’m talking about!

Bringing in the K-On figmas to work means I will have to bring a case with the girls’ extra parts in it, it’ll be too much of a hassle bringing in all the boxes and finding a place for them! Speaking of cases, stay tuned for my upcoming posting on storage and cases!…

And stay tuned for when I do bring in the K-On! girlies to work…dum dum duuuum!




6 responses

5 09 2010

I used to display my collection at work. Then I had to move them all home. That’s when I found out I ran out of room, since my collection at home practically doubled.

Now, I keep ALL my figures at work *snicker*

Most of the responses I got from my coworkers were negative (in my mind anyway). I wrote a blog post about that which you most likely have already read.

I’d say take Asuka home. I’d like to know that she’s safe, and won’t be knocked over by some careless coworker (Poor Ritsu!), or half-drunk night janitor looking to get some “PVC Action”.

6 09 2010

Inorite?! Damn those janitors. Actually in truth, one of the janitors (or rather, cleaning ladies) at my work loves the toys I bring in, she loves the Nendoroids, especially the Puchi Nendos. She’s always teasing me by threatening to take home some of them… yet another reason to bring home my Nendos, so as to keep them from mysteriously disappearing off my shelf.

Oh man, there was also this one time, one of the Vice Presidents at my company was admiring my Mio figure (original outfit version) and he went and picked her up by around her guitar and waist, so he was actually pressing down on the bass strings with his fingers before I could stop him; “NUUUUUUUUUUEESSSSS, not like that!!!” – Is what I screamed (inside my head), followed by a sigh of relief when he put her down and the figure was still intact – strings and all.

9 09 2010

I love having my Nendoroids with me whilst I work too, even though they can be quite distracting ^^; But these days I tend to just leave them in their boxes for the reason you mentioned- most of them are quite unstable even when mounted correctly on their plastic stands. And I absolutely can’t bear any of them getting damaged from falling, so I usually just display them in their boxes.

9 09 2010

I USED to be the sort of collector where I believed in keeping everything mint in the box, to maintain their value… that moral has totally gone out the window these days. Nendo box arts are nice, but there’s something kind of magical about taking them out, assembling the pieces, and actually getting to pose them (or rather I should say copying the box’s pose). I now just keep most of them bunched up in a glass display, but I hardly see them where I have them displayed, aside from the few I have around my desk. @__@

Plotting a way to get them into places around my house where they’re more visible… like shadowboxes or something *plots away*

15 10 2010

I’d be too afraid to being my figures to work. It’s not that my coworkers might think I’m weird, but I get so many papers and books moving across my desk that some figures would either get lost or damaged. Considering a nendoroid is one of the cheaper types of figures and they still cost $40 with shipping, I’d rather not take the risk.

I’ve almost ordered two of the same figure before too. Now I make sure to update my collection on and search my emails for order confirmations before I make a purchase.

15 10 2010

I actually have a shelf above my monitor that I can easily look up at to get a visual break, so there is lower risk of them getting lost or damaged up there…though unfortunately it is devoid of any lovely figures at the moment.

I’m ordering to the point where I am making regular purchases, or pre-orders on a monthly basis, I’ve usually got at least anywhere from 3-5 (sometimes more in a release crazy month…) figures/items lined up per month. So it’s really easy for me to forget what I have ordered, and I get too much mail to rely on just confirmation orders. So I created a Google spreadsheet to help me keep track of my purchases. I update this sheet every time I pre-order something, and then update it again when that pre-order goes through and I pay for it. This allows me to track what’s coming up on my pre-orders, and what is pending through the mail.

Though Mugi figma somehow slipped through the process! T__T

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