Moe Moe Kyuuun! Mio Akiyama Figure Review

16 08 2010

Last Saturday I received a nice surprise…

moe moe kyun!

Can you guess what I got in the mail? X3

Moe Moe Kyun - Mio Akiyama by FreeingI was super psyched to receive my moe moe Kyun version of Mio (by FREEing)! Ordered her along with the new Shunya Yamashita artbook “One Voice” from Hobby Search through their 50% off shipping campaign; more on the artbook later…

Moe Moe Kyun - Mio Akiyama by Freeing

I was too impatient to even take a shot of her inside her box, that’s how much I was anticipating this figure!

Her face looks alright, there’s nothing spectacular about her face, but it is appropriately expressed with the right amount of distress.

Moe Moe Kyun - Mio Akiyama by Freeing

I had no idea what to expect for a base, most figures usually come with something pretty plain or bland. Your typical generic anime figure base. But this one came with a refreshing if albeit tacky, retro looking hearts shaped base. Out of context it would probably seem very silly looking, but I think it suits this Mio real well, even if it is a bit over the top. Kudos for making the base look interesting outside of the usual stuff. The buckles are really neatly painted, though I think the shoes could’ve used a glossier looking paint as they look too similar in colour to the socks.

Moe Moe Kyun - Mio Akiyama by Freeing

I really like the sculpting job on her hands, they look natural in making the shape of a heart, and the details on her nails is a pretty touch. The shading done on the white parts of her outfit – apron, headband, thigh socks’ frills… have a very soft shading to them like they are barely there and really accentuates the folds nicely.

Moe Moe Kyun - Mio Akiyama by Freeing

*gasp* Shima pantsu! Though the paint job on her underwear stripes seem rather sloppily done. Oh well, they are mostly hidden from view. I was aiming to capture her heart shaped hands in the sunlight in this photo. I like the flow and energy of her hair, especially in this picture.

Moe Moe Kyun - Mio Akiyama by Freeing

Slightly better shot of her hands. You might be able to notice the quality of her hair, which isn’t 100% smooth, but it is pretty damn near close. There seems to be slight imperfections in the tips particularly in the little sharp gaps. But this is to be expected of mass production…

Moe Moe Kyun - Mio Akiyama by Freeing

Typical frilly maid outfit. I’m not usually into maids, but I couldn’t pass up on this version of Mio! I think though that they could’ve done a better job on the trimmings, they look kind of haphazard on the shirt and apron. Plus the lace is painted black underneath the lace trim on the skirt. I do appreciate the dynamic skirt position though, it makes it look like Mio was captured in mid movement, so her skirt and apron are flared up slightly.

Moe Moe Kyun - Mio Akiyama by FreeingKinda naughty but I really like this shot, with the sun just peeking under her skirt. Looks kind of Marilyn Monroe-ish here!

Moe Moe Kyun - Mio Akiyama by FreeingOverall a fairly simple and clean sculpt, along with a well balanced, dynamic pose that doesn’t look too awkward  from views of all angles. Though I will admit that her mouth looks weird, and it only looks normal from a frontal view of her. Her mouth was sculpted in such a way that the inner part of her mouth doesn’t actually concave into the figure. So a side view make it look like she has a big fat tongue in her mouth.

Moe Moe Kyun - Mio Akiyama by FreeingLove the hair splayed out like that.

Moe Moe Kyun - Mio Akiyama by FreeingA bit too overexposed here, but I really like how pieces of her hair looks here.

Moe Moe Kyun - Mio Akiyama by FreeingOne major discrepancy that I noticed on my figure was that the apron strap on her right arm doesn’t meet up with the apron! There is a noticeable gap, which you can sort of see in this picture, so that’s one of the downfalls of this particular figure. I wonder if this is a common problem amongst others with this particular figure? Well overall I still enjoy this figure a great deal, though I may be biased…

Moe Moe Kyun - Mio Akiyama by Freeing

Wrapping things up here with the box art.Really like the black heart shaped lace trimming.

Back of the box. Both sides of the box have the same artwork and windows. Some people may complain that the box is devoid of any actual images of the figure, but I kind of like it… I think it’s the only figure in my collection that doesn’t have an image of the figure. The figure should show for itself anyways; that’s what windows are for.

Choice of colors is nicely done and not overwhelming, with good use of decorative elements and whitespace. Windows all around allow for generous peeks at the contents. Also very nice touch with the magical girl action background inside the box. ❤




2 responses

25 08 2010

That’s one sweet looking girl you got there. 🙂

I saw this figure in that Richmond Gashapon store as well, but was a little bit urked by the price tag. Not to mention I had no idea whether or not it was some bootleg or not (you may have noticed them in abundance there).

I’ll bet the guy who was painting the pantsu was jittery due to the sexiness of it all. I mean if you’re job is to paint stripes on a girl’s underwear, you might be quivering with ecstasy all day long too, right?

Too bad about that strap though. I’ve seen that kind of “seam” happen all the time with other figures too. I don’t know how stuff like that can get past QA. *angryface*

If this figure ever gets released with the same pose and special effects as that screenshot above, I’d be SOLD.

30 08 2010

Nah, I haven’t seen them at Richmond Gashapon…in fact I haven’t been out shopping much in retail stores. Seems to me like a sign that I should slow down in my preordering…hahaha (fat chance of that happening) Ah well, retail store prices generally suck anyways.

I tried to kinda nudge it into place, but it seems to be separated for good. I don’t even know why it’s so off? Placement of the hands forming the heart is ok…unless it’s separate piece?

Uhm if they made one of the screencap I would be totally all over it, like a fat kid on Smarties!

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