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12 08 2010

I opened up my Kimi ni Todoke Pinky Street figures.

This set is a regular release set, but interestingly enough, it comes with two complete bodies, meaning there are two sets of hairs, heads/faces, top shirts, and bottom legs (+ skirts). Usually a Pinky Street figure in a regular release comes with one complete body, plus an additional outfit (sans the extra head and hair). So this set actually offers two complete Sawako’s, which is a pretty good deal for a Pinky Street figure, even though the hair is exactly the same style. This set also comes with two stands.

Kimi ni Todoke Pinky Street

Erm, I guess heels make a big difference?

Everything in this picture is what is included in the set. I didn’t notice until I set the Pinkys on their stands that Sawako’s school uniform outfit is significantly shorter than her regular dress outfit. Standing them side by side makes them almost look like two different people.

I blame the heels. (Though they are nice heels…)

I really like how Sawako’s skirt is unaltered, and not sporting the usual shorter alterations many schoolgirls apply to their skirts. Actually most of the girls in Sawako’s school have shorter skirts in the anime… except for her.  It really emphasizes Sawako’s innocence and total obliviousness to Japan’s trends and fashions, making her somewhat traditional and old fashioned.

Kimi ni Todoke Pinky Street

Is that you Sawako??...

Sawako with a different hairstyle! (haha, in reference to the episode where Sawako’s friends try to imagine her with different hair styles because she wanted ‘fuwa fuwa’ hair. The different hair really makes her look like a different character…and I tried to pick items that Sawako would more than likely wear.

Kimi ni Todoke Pinky Street

A cute summery outfit!

So cute! I think this looks more like what Sawako would wear, she tends to wear skirts and light airy clothing, so I think this outfit really suits her tastes in clothing.

On a related note, I recently finished watching Kimi ni Todoke! I’ve had it downloaded for a couple months now, watching bits and pieces here and there whenever I get up off my lazy bum to exercise on my elliptical. Just recently I was watching past episode 7, and I just blew right through the series. I think I finished episode 7 right to the end in a matter of 3 days. When I get into a series, I will marathon the crap outta it. I will usually skip Openings, Endings, and usually the Preview (unless they’re more entertaining than narrating); this helps me cut down on the time required to watch through the series as all those “extras” can add up to about 5 minutes per episode! This is why I prefer to download either ALL of the series, or MANY episodes before taking on the task of watching it. I can’t really stand to watch one episode and wait another week for the next one, if the story is too interesting for me.

Admittedly I wasn’t so into Kimi ni Todoke at first as I felt the story was a little bit slow, but reflecting back on it, it was a pretty good pace to set up the story and introduce Sawako and her social situation in life. But going back to the current conflict! At this point in the story, Sawako has finally made some good friends, Yano and (name here?!), and is slowly experiencing and coming to terms with more complex feelings she is developing towards Kazehaya. Just when you think things are peaceful and things are going smoothly… queue conflict: Kurumi-chan. Kurumi has sort of a stalker-ish obsession with Kazehaya, a one-sided love that has been going on since middle school, so naturally she sees Sawako as a threat to her goal of obtaining a relationship with her beloved Kazehaya.  It was really funny watching Kurumi-chan and Sawako interact with each other because Kurumi obviously has an agenda and seems to have experience manipulating people subtly, coming off as a beautiful, popular, cheerful person , whereas Sawako is a very pure, honest, and upfront girl who is unfortunately also naive and inexperienced. In turn, Sawako manages to unintentionally thwart Kurumi’s political agenda through her misunderstandings of Kurumi’s actual intentions.

I became really interested in the story after Kurumi was introduced to the story because I wanted to see Kurumi and Sawako develop in their rivalry. While there was some development, it felt like Kurumi’s role in the story just kind of faltered after the truth about her and her true nature is revealed to Sawako. I was kind of disappointed that Kurumi didn’t play much of a role after that, though considering the manga is still going, I suppose the anime only covered a certain percentage of the manga’s storyline, and there may be more going on with Kurumi in the manga version?

The ending overall was pretty good, it was sweet and not super happy but also not super sad at the same time. I may just consider picking up reading Kimi ni Todoke…hmm. I wonder if another anime season may pop up?




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