Phat Lewt #003: Part of Late July’s Releases

11 08 2010

Part of my order from July’s releases came in a couple of days ago. Well actually they came in about a week ago, but I think it was a combination of the mailman forgetting to deliver the slip plus my not checking the mailbox every single day. Oh well…

Haul for July: Ioryogi, Mugi-chan, and Luccini

Part of my haul for July's releases


K-On! figma - Tsumugi


First up is the lovely Tsumugi Kotobuki figma, the keyboardist from Houkago Tea Time! Mugi-chan is the 3rd K-On figma girl I’ve gotten so far. I got in late on the orders, so I ended up having to order the re-released ones of all the girls. 2 of the band members down, 3 more to go! (Ui doesn’t count as a band member…)

K-On! figma Tsumugi

Back o da box.

I’m thinking I may take these girls to my workplace. Right now I have two Nendoroids and a scaled figure over there, though I’ll post more about that later! It would be neat to have some action figures at work so I can set them up in different poses once in a while.

Strike Witches Nendoroid - Francesca Lucchini

Franchesca the machine gun totin' catgirl!

Next up, is Francesca Lucchini Nendoroid from Strike Witches. I seriously have no idea what this series is about, aside from the character designs. So far based on what I’ve seen of the characters, there seems to be a military theme going on with young girls of whom also sport animal ears and tails. These girls seem to be soldiers of some sort, what with all the arsenal of weapons you see them carrying around, and the weird booster thingies on their legs. I should look into watching this series to see how accurate my guess was?

Strike Witches Nendoroid - Francesca Lucchini

Side o' the box.

I LIKE the cuteness factor when it comes down to the animal ears and tails on the girls…but I’m not sure what is up with the weapons, the mecha parts, and the fact that many of them wear only panties with a shirt? *a bit weirded out* Maybe one of these days I will give the series a chance …if I’m bored enough. I couldn’t resist this figure because of her neko-mimi factor! It’s one of my weaknesses when it comes to anime figures… I am worried though that once I own her long enough I’ll maybe get it into my head to get ALL the other Strike Witches figures, and that will also include the pricy limited edition X-Box release. NoooOOOoOoooooes! My poor wallet! T__T I don’t even own an X-Box!

Ioryogi plushie

The sweet Ioryogi-san! Er wait, sweet sounds wrong...

Last but not least, my most anticipated item in this order: Ioryogi plushie from Kobato! He’s so cute and squishy! I also have a weakness for cute plushies…

Ioryogi plushie

More like vicious...

Overall he is a fair likeness of his anime/manga counterparts, though I do wish he had movable limbs (the way Lulu’s moogle plush is designed). I also would’ve prefered his “quiet” or “calm” face more, because it’s just so deceptively cute, for a character like Ioryogi who in actually acts like this plush’s expression most of the time. You can just imagine the fireballs spewing from his mouth! Poor Kobato, never catchin’ a break from Ioryogi, who really sincerely cares for her. Since I finished the anime series, I’m looking forward to seeing how CLAMP will end it in the manga…

Ioryogi plushie tag

Closeup of the tag.

Here’s the tag just for kicks. I don’t know why, but I had difficulty getting a clear focused shot of the tag. Darn my camera and its non-manual ways! It’s too user-friendly!

Oh! Now that I’m looking more closely at the tag I can see that they used this picture’s expression on Ioryogi-san…So that’s why the plush looks like that! Though it doesn’t look the same because the real plush version looks more angry then stupidly drunk like in the picture. Maybe if I were to add little cheek blush? Hmmm.

Intuos 3 soft case

My precious' new home!

Also received my case for my Intuos 3 tablet from Amazon at the same time, so now I can safely protect my baby. Yeesssss my Preciouuusssss *pets her Intuos lovingly*…

Though I’m sorry I don’t use you enough… T__T

Hmm…most of my postings so far seem are about loot. Heh. I’ll try to post about other things, like reviews and what-not. I’ve been a bit lazy lately to take pictures, plus I just recently created an account on, and I’m slowly adding more and more things on there. It really helps to put my collection into perspective, I didn’t really quite realize how much stuff I had, until I had all the numbers to crunch it all down for me! Granted, most of my collection consists of trading figures and gashapons from my earlier years of collecting stuff before I got into anime figures. My completed models are also made up of a large chunk of Pinky Street figures, of which are actually fairly cheap in comparison to scaled anime figures. Regular sets prices range from 600 yen ~1600 yen. I had always wanted to find some way to track everything I collected, and now I have a way of doing that with my anime merchandise!

Well, time for bed… Until next time! Mata ato de…



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