Doll Stand Kit Completed…Success!

28 07 2010

I put together the Obitsu doll stand late Monday night; it didn’t take too long to snap the pieces out, remove flash from each piece and assemble it all together. Took me about 45 mins altogether. I didn’t have a tiny Philips screwdriver for installing the nuts and screws, but I did however have a just barely small enough slotted screwdriver that did the job. All in all it was a fairly straightforward and easy kit to build.

I tested out the stand and …

Mio Akiyama PureNeemo Doll

Tadahh! Mio now stands!

It is a bit precarious but for a stand that’s fairly discrete and was super cheap, it does a pretty good job IMO. It’s all I really need to get Mio to stand up just for display anyways, and it’s not like I really need her to withstand earthquakes.

Mio Akiyama PureNeemo Doll

Side profile view of doll stand

Better view of the stand. It comes with varying lengths of ‘arms’ so I can adjust if I need to. Though I would have to partially disassemble and reassemble so  I don’t think I will really be doing that much, if at all. I’m keeping the spare parts just in case.

Mio Akiyama PureNeemo Doll


So I’m trying out a new set up here with my photoshoots. It consists of two light sources, one of which I’ve created a diffuser (cardboard box + white tissue paper) for, and a matte aluminum pan as a reflector. The pan does not have an even bottom so it reflects light sort of haphazardly. So I’m looking for something better to use, though in the mean time the pan is better than nothing. The matte finish produces a softer reflection of light. I’m not too fond of the yellow lights, which are produced by my Ikea lights.  I believe I can compensate for yellowness with white balance settings on my camera… If I can figure it out (edit: I finally found out where to adjust for Tungsten lighting).

Mio Akiyama PureNeemo Doll

*Poof* Uhm, where did these props come from suddenly?!

I’m still kind of learning my way through my camera cause I don’t believe in manuals (does anybody really?). I was having trouble getting rid of the yellow glare in pictures of windowed boxed figures in previous pictures (Azunyan Nendoroid ). Seems to look better when I use flash on pictures of windowed boxed figures. Well…it’s a learning process, and there is only so much I can do with a simple point and shoot type.

Mio Akiyama PureNeemo Doll

Hold it?... L-like this?

The blue puffball was a part of my cats’ toy that Deimos managed to rip right off when I was playing with him last week. It’s a fun toy, it makes both my cats go into angry mode. 1 down, 2 more puffballs to go.

Mio Akiyama PureNeemo Doll


And of course the mousy is another one of my cats toys that they kind of “broke”. The bell on the end of the tail doesn’t ring the way it used to. I don’t know how they managed to break the bell…

Mio Akiyama PureNeemo Doll

Finally get to play!

This was the first time I’ve posed her with her bass since I received her back in about February? I was just mostly too lazy to rearrange.

Mio Akiyama PureNeemo Doll

Lookin' good with her trusty bass

This photoshoot certainly revealed something… I don’t think I’d have the patience for dressing up dolls. It’s kind of fun, but it was frustrating getting her tie back on! I suppose tweezers would’ve been a good idea.

Mio Akiyama PureNeemo Doll

Rock out!

Not to mention some of her jointed parts will periodically pop out as I’m trying to pose her, especially her elbows and feet.

Mio Akiyama PureNeemo Doll

Look ma, no pick!

There were no hands included that held a pick, only hands that were in pick holding position. Close enough I guess. Or…do bassists not use picks?

Mio Akiyama PureNeemo Doll

Mio intently bassin' it out!

So while I don’t think I’d wanna take up doll collecting anytime soon, I definitely would like to get more clothing for Mio. Can anyone recommend any good places to buy some? Either officially or through other people who make dolly clothing?

Mio Akiyama PureNeemo Doll

Closeup of Mio's beloved lefty

Limitations to my point and shoot model only allow me to take flashless shots ONLY with a tripod. This camera is devoid of many manual settings that would cause most photography enthusiasts to probably cringe at. I’m more or less a beginner/novice so I’m okay with it for now. You can just make out a blurry clip holding up my background in corner…

Mio Akiyama PureNeemo Doll

It's a bass, NOT A GUITAR. Get it right.

Overall, it’s still a solid portable camera. Will treasure it always as it was a lovely x-mas gift from my shnugglebums.

Mio Akiyama PureNeemo Doll

Shima pantsu? Hai. Sou desu.

Obligatory pantsu shot. Ever since watching that episode of K-On, I always check to see what kind any Mio figure is wearing. Yes I know, I’m pervy.

Mio Akiyama PureNeemo Doll

Throwing up the Devil's horns for good measure!

OK, well they’re not exactly Devil’s horns, but close enough.

I also opened up my Kobato Pinky:

Kobato Pinky StreetThe details on this are quite elaborate  and is gorgeous, for a Pinky Street figure. This seems more like a well built scene for a PVC figure rather than your typical Pinky Street releases. I believe this is probably one of the first detailed Pinky bases released, though don’t quote me on that…

Kobato Pinky StreetUgh slightly blurry, my bad.

Kobato Pinky StreetI love the details on her Kimono, very cute usagi print, and the usagi-chan on her obi is a very nice touch.

Kobato Pinky StreetAt first when I was putting this all together, I thought that the black base was a bit redundant seeing as the characters mount onto the detailed base part. But when I put the black base on, it really adds that finishing touch to the whole thing. Don’t underestimate the power of small details! Speaking of which, Ioryogi is just way too cute! I think they portray his gluttony quite well in this scene.

Kobato Pinky top viewThe hat unfortunately does not appear to come off. I haven’t tried switching out her head yet, though I’ve heard that it is kind of difficult? I’ll check later on when I get home… I’m not sure what the black hat is supposed to be? Does anybody know?

Another Kobato Pinky coming out as a regular release in August… definitely going to pick her up!



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