The First, of Many to Come

26 07 2010
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I’m finally going to take the plunge; I’m starting a weblog. Or blog as people like to call em these days. This isn’t the first time I’ve tried to start a blog for myself (I have another blog but it is about toilet training my two cats), but the others have always been created out of boredom, and have usually faded off into distant memories as I moved on to other things as I am prone to do so with my short attention span. This time, I would like to believe- or rather I should say, I WILL maintain this blog to the point that it becomes something viable, something that I can be proud to say I created and maintain. A place where I can channel my interests into, improve my writing, and lend my various collections a sense of purpose as I share them with others who may appreciate them as much as I do.

I love all things anime and manga, so that’s pretty much going to be the main focus of this blog. I also enjoy video games, so some content may be related to that as well.  I may share some things un-related to anime/manga from time to time…The purposes of this blog are many things to me, but the main points are to share things with like-minded people who may be interested in the same things, as well as experiencing the maintenance of a web presence.

So how did it all start for me? Like so many other girls (and some boys) who are into anime, I would probably have to attribute it mostly to Sailormoon, (or Sailor Moon according to the North American version), both in anime and manga. Also a little bit of Dragonball. I remember being really sad when they stopped airing new Dragonball episodes after the first arc… I should really go watch the original, the manga was pretty awesome…but anyways, going back to the original topic, after Sailormoon it was basically downhill from there. I learned about other anime series from a friend and when I could afford to I would buy the occasional anime on VHS. But it wasn’t until I learned how to download anime online when I really began to get into more diverse genres of anime series that were available, though I was limited to the time I could get on a shared family computer. When I finally got my own computer, that is when I really went off the deep end and watched to my heart’s content.

I also really enjoy collecting things, so when I learned about anime and manga, I also got into collecting various types of merchandise, of which included trading cards, gashapons/trading figures, shitajikis (pencilboards), posters, artbooks, plushies, and other miscellaneous goodies that caught my fancy. When I finally finished school, moved out on my own, and got a steady job, that also marked the beginning of a new trend in my collection: PVC figures. I had been avoiding collecting figures before because,

* I didn’t have enough money to support such a hobby consistently (I could have, but I wouldn’t have had very many figures)
* I thought I was happy enough with gashapons/trading figures
* I’d heard from many people who did collect figures that one should never get into it if they haven’t yet because it’s an expensive hobby that leaves your wallet empty

So much for the warnings. It definitely is an expensive hobby, and I am kind of glad I did not get into figures like say 5-10 years ago, because current standards in quality has far surpassed that of figures from yesteryears. Thus far, I’ve been collecting for about a year now, with no real signs of slowing down. Fortunately I have my own dedicated room/office to fill up with my growing collections… which eventually you should see a post on, so stay tuned!



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