Phat Lewt #001

26 07 2010

Part of my haul for June… which I received sometime in mid July as many of these items were released in late June:

Phat Lewt #001 - June

Most of this came in from a single shipment from Hobby Search, with the exception of a shipment from a friend in Japan.

Fate Stay Night Puchi Nendoroid Case of 12 Blind Boxed Figures

First up, Fate Stay Night Puchi Nendoroids! I initially did not care for Nendoroids but I couldn’t resist Shana Nendoroid. After I got her, they really grew on me, and I have been collecting Nendoroids since. I limit myself to the ones I like, rather then trying to get them all. Then along came the Puchi Nendoroids! Again, I told myself I would not get these guys, but I couldn’t resist the lure of Lucky Star Puchis! After that first box, I’ve gone on to buying more, marking this box as the 3rd one so far.

Azunyan Nendoroid (Front)

Azunyan~! She is way cute in Nendo form; all of the K-On girls are. Mio is my favourite K-On character, but Azunyan takes an immediate 2nd spot. So now all that’s left of the group for me to get is Mugi-chan! I’m also awaiting an order of GoodSmileCompany’s Winterfest K-On set.

Azunyan Nendoroid (Back)

This Azunyan is actually my friend’s copy, as I received mine earlier. I help him to order stuff with my credit card and he just pays me cash, cause apparently he doesn’t want his parents to track how much he really spends on this stuff. Whatever, works for me.

Bakemonogatari Puchi Set #2 (Front)

I haven’t finished watching this show, but it is definitely interesting, and I love Senjyougahara. Looking forward to GSC’s PVC scaled figure releases of this series. These sets are really interesting because they come with little accessories, and interchangeable parts, not unlike their larger regular Nendoroid counterparts. I wish though I had some figure cases to keep them in, as they are accumulating dust on my desk, and I are teh lazys to dust them properly on a regular basis. I could put them into a shelf in one of my Detolfs, but I would rather use that space for larger figures.

Bakemonogatari Puchi Set #2 (Back)

I did find an online store that sells the perfect solution for my Nendoroids, Puchis, and even Pinkys, and the price is very reasonable but the major downside is that the shipping to Canada basically nullifies the point of buying this cost effective display case. The cases only cost $25 USD, but the cheapest shipping option for a single case costs $36 USD, way more than the case itself. Realistically, the cost of 1 case shipped is pretty much more than half of what you would pay for a Detolf! You can find these cases here:

K-On Figma - Mio (Front)

Oh noes I forgot to include Mio in the initial loot shot! Oh well. I don’t normally collect Figma, but for K-On, YES. The other alternative were Mobip’s and I didn’t really like their design as much as Figma’s. I do actually own 3 other Figmas, 2 of which were more or less spur of the moment… Of which I haven’t even opened yet. Mio marks the 4th Figma in my collection, and there will be a few more to come as I await the other K-On gals.

K-On Figma - Mio (Back)

Did I mention I lurve Mio? ❤

Obitsu Doll Stand Kit in Clear

Now, I don’t actually collect dolls, BJDs, that sort… But I couldn’t say no to the Pureneemo Character Series, featuring K-On’s Mio Akiyama. But the only problem I had with this doll was that she did not come with a stand. I wasn’t able to make her stand too well even when I positioned her to lean against a wall. So right now she’s in a sitting position in my Detolf. She is the only doll I currently own. Though I have been tempted to get Pureneemo Horo, and recently I’ve been thinking Azunyan would be a great addition. But then again I wouldn’t want to start up another expensive hobby…and it might turn out that way if I pick up another one. I picked up this super cheap doll stand kit cause… it was dirt cheap (see pic for price), compared to other stands. Yes, I will have to put it together but I think it should be fun. I’m just hoping it’ll turn out strong enough to hold Mio up.

Ta-daaaah! Oh wait.

Kinda looks fun to put together don’t you think? It’s even got tiny little nuts and screws, crazy! I wonder if I have a small enough screwdriver? I don’t really read Japanese too well, but the visuals look explanatory. Should I need help I’ll just ask my friend to help translate…

Kimi ni Todoke Pinky Street - Sawako Kuronuma

I really like the Pinkified anime characters that Baby Sue/Vance Project releases…that’s probably why I got into them in the first place. My even still remember my very first Pinky back in 2006, the Evangelion set with Asuka and Rei in modified plugsuits. I wasn’t interested in Pinky Street, I was only interested in the characters, but then later on when I found out they had Henrietta from Gunslinger Girls in Pinky Street format, I had to get her too. Afterwards it was just a downhill losing battle against Pinkys. Now I have something like well over 50 Pinkys? Maybe more? I can’t recall. Should compile a list one of these days…

Kimi ni Todoke Pinky Street - Sawako Kuronuma (Back)

I just recently started watching this anime, so far it’s been okay. It’s interesting enough that I will still watch it, though it’s not a terribly original story. Kind of reminds me of Kare Kano kind of style, in terms of story, setting, etc. Sawako is a very strange and unrealistically sweet girl but I still like her. Coincidentally just after starting to watch the anime I noticed that this Pinky had just released, so I picked her as well when I made an order for all the other stuff. Good thing too, as I just picked up the last piece at Hobby Search! I think Baby Sue/Vance Project did a decent job portraying a likeness to Sawako, though I am disappointed in the choice of alternate dress to the school uniform. Love the niko niko face~! Strangely enough this set comes with two full Pinkys of the same character, which is not really typical in previous releases. Normally you would only get 1 head, 1 set of hair, 1-2 outfits, and a stand if it was a special release. Kimi no Todoke Pinky comes with not 1, but 2 stands!

Newtype Original - Kobato Pinky Street (Front)

This was a very special edition Pinky Street that you could only get via mail order through Newtype a few issues back. I was able to procure a copy for my friend and I, through a contact in Japan who frequents the forums, and helps out other members on there to get rare Pinkies only available in Japan. Really great and friendly guy! I really appreciate all the help he’s provided in the things I’ve asked for from him.

Newtype Original - Kobato Pinky Street (Back)

Huge fan of CLAMP’s work, so I was pretty excited to get this one. Looks more like a figure rather than your normal edition Pinkys! I finished watching this series awhile ago and it has a pretty good ending, though it was a bit too happy methinks. I read that the anime and manga endings are different, which is to be expected most times in those kinds of transitions. I found out in my local comic shop that there were English versions out already so I picked up Vol.1 and 2 while I was there.

Phew! And that’s all of it! For now…Gonna have fun opening these guys up (though I have a queue of other things I need to open up as well…).



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